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Whether you need an Interpreter Translator at a Federal, Civil Court, Hearing or Trial, Deposition, Mediation, Arbitration, Attorney Client Meeting, Immigration Interview, Examination under oath, Independent Medical Evaluation, Polygraph Exam, Conference, Seminar, or Convention, we are ready to assist with our expertise anywhere in Florida. Our commitment to excellence is backed by knowledgeable Interpreters who possess a high level of interpretation skills and proficiency both in the English and the non-English language.

Our Clients, law firms, federal, state, local government agencies, Insurance Industry, not-for-profit organizations and many Fortune 500 companies. With Interpreters and Translators specialized in Business related matters, Legal, Criminal, Medical, Financial, and Immigration. Covering all 50 states, including the state Florida, the Tri-county area and the Florida Keys.

South Florida interpreting service, takes great pride in personalized service and attention given to each one of our clients. Providing you with punctual and reliable Interpreters and Translators in over 37 languages and Sign Language. Including, Certified Translation of Documents for legal and business use, Financial, Medical and Immigration matters, into the target language. For use in Federal or Civil court proceedings, requiring notarized translated documents, along with original Certificate of Authenticity.  Video and Audio Transcription. 

South Florida On-site Interpreters, have many years of experience interpreting in a judicial environment and several other modes of communication. Carefully following the established Interpreters Code of Ethics and the protocol of court interpreting. Court proceedings, such as Hearings – Trials, Depositions, Mediations, Arbitration Hearings, Immigration interviews, Examinations under Oath and Independent Medical Evaluations. We also cover Television and Radio Interviews, Business Conferences, Seminars, and Corporate Events with simultaneous Interpreters. We do not send out untried or unknown persons to cover any assignment. Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting requires a person with oral capabilities of interception and quickness of mind.  Able to convey spoken message with the same inflection, nuance, and understanding of what the original speaker had in mind.


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